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Ron Paul tells it like it is

There are some people out there that understand how we got into the financial mess and why what we are doing to resolve it is so terribly wrong. Ron Paul is one of those people. He was recently interviewed on … Continue reading

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“Close Gitmo?” post explanation

It appears I wasn’t clear in my last post with regard to closing Gitmo. Here’s the explanation of my thoughts, and hopefully they make sense:   The phrase "too big to fail" was originally used last Fall to describe large financial … Continue reading

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Close Gitmo?

It occurs to me that we can’t close Gitmo. Isn’t it, more so than anything else, "too big to fail?"

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I sincerely hope I was wrong…

In my September 16th post I wrote the following:   "In the event that the trouble on Wall Street is exacerbated there will be more cries for government intervention, and before the dust all settles you could see the biggest government … Continue reading

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Gore is right after all

I’ve come to the conclusion that Al Gore was right when he said that the northern polar icecap will be gone in 5 years.   In fact, it’s already happened: The entire icecap has shifted to Iowa, where we are waiting for … Continue reading

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