Mark Joseph on the Evangelical vote

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Mark Joseph has a great piece at entitled Memo to Barack Obama: It’s the Christians Stupid! He also has a companion piece that is a memo to McCain, but I liked this one better. Joseph has, in a humorous and engaging way, really put his finger on who the Evangelicals are and where they are at politically. He breaks them down into three categories and then offers Obama advise on how to win over at least two of these. The third category, what Joseph calls the "world view Christians", he says is a lost cause for Obama. I’m not sure where he gets the figures but Joseph asserts that these "world view Christians" make up some 7% of the population.


I was heartened that the number of this third category was so high. I would have guessed a much lower number.


He points out, correctly in my view, how easily Obama can garner the votes of those in the other two categories, the nominal Christians and the fuzzy Christians (my terms not Joseph’s). The fact that Obama can do this says much more about these Evangelicals than it does about Obama, as Joseph aptly demonstrates:


They (Evangelicals) don’t have a comprehensive worldview, but rather one that is shaped by perceptions and gut feelings. And when they are guided by principles, it’s often a hodgepodge of right and left. Remember — they listen to Dr. Dobson, but they also listen to Oprah, and they often see no conflict in those two radically different views of the world.


This really gets to the heart of the matter. The majority of Evangelicals today lack a clear and comprehensive worldview as well as a consistent application of the principles that should be a part of that worldview. Although they continue to support the idea that the Bible is the Word of God, they generally have a distaste for doctrine and have little interest a systematic approach to the theology of the Bible. 


In any case, Joseph’s piece is a great read. Here’s the link:,2933,395101,00.html





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One Response to Mark Joseph on the Evangelical vote

  1. Ben says:

    You’re right, Joseph’s observation is interesting if not encouraging. I’m continually shocked at the number of folks who call themselves – or are referred to as – "Evangelicals" despite the fact that the Bible has virtually no impact on their values and thought process.
    But I take heart because God has always been in the business of working through a remnant. This 7% of the population should faithfully and winsomely teach and interact with those around them. And by the Lord’s grace and mercy, that 7% can explode exponentially.
    Too bad I don’t expect it to happen prior to the ’08 Presidential election. 😉

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