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Life has no meaning?

Today’s Rant…   Ever since Iowa State University illustrated its academic bigotry in the case of Professor Gonzalez I have wanted to write a bit about Darwinism (I use this term as Charles Hodge used it, concluding that it was … Continue reading

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It’s The Stupid, Economy…er, Economy Stupid!

Today’s Rant…   I’ve been on the road a lot lately and I’ve heard more talk radio than is good for my mental well being. It’s hard to remain positive when these financial gurus keep telling everyone that the US economy is … Continue reading

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Celebrating Earth Day

Today’s Rant…   Today is "Earth Day", the mere mention of which is making me want to barf. I’m heartened, however, that I’m drinking my morning coffee from a styrofoam cup. Anyway, I saw a public service announcement on TV … Continue reading

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